Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarms

"Get Alarmed, TN!" is a grant-funded fire safety education and smoke alarm installation program administered by the State Fire Marshal's Office (SFMO). Launched in November 2012, the program distributes fire safety education materials and 10-year sealed battery smoke alarms to participating fire departments, which includes the Portland Fire Department. Smoke alarms should be placed inside and outside each bedroom/sleeping area and on every level of the home. If your home is in need of smoke alarms, we have new 10-year smoke alarms we can install for you, free of charge. These alarms have a built-in 10-year battery that does not have to be changed for the life of the alarm. We also have alarms available for the hearing impaired. 


  • Must reside within the city limits of Portland
  • Own the home (not renting)
  • Be in need of smoke alarms

To schedule a firefighter to install smoke alarms in your home, complete the form below or call 615-325-5649.

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