Portland Fire Department BadgeOur mission and purpose is to protect and support the citizens of Portland, its businesses, and its visitors by providing outstanding service in the areas of fire suppression and emergency response, while striving to advance public safety through our training, fire prevention, code enforcement, fire investigation, and public education programs.

The Portland Fire Department is a career fire department. The department operates with a full time Chief, Sam Thornton, Assistant Chief/Fire Marshal Shaun Tyson and 3 shifts (A, B, C) staffed with 8 firefighters per shift. The department is also supplemented with up to 15 part-time personnel. Each shift works for 24 hours (7 am to 7 am) and are off for 48 hours. The department responds to any need for the assistance inside the city limits, whether it be a fire, motor vehicle collision, medical emergency, rescue, or hazardous materials incident. PFD has an automatic aid agreement with Highland Volunteer Fire Department for confirmed structure fires. PFD will also respond outside our city limits for mutual aid when called upon from neighboring departments.