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Natural Gas System Survey Questions for Local Government/ Public Officials

  1. If yes, who?

  2. If yes, about how many?

  3. (If known, fill in approximate date or number of weeks, months, or years ago.)

  4. (If no, they should be informed about it.)

  5. If yes, what are they?

  6. How would you rate the adequacy of information you have about natural gas safety (e.g., how to recognize a leak, what to do when there is a leak, what first responders should do, etc.)?
  7. If yes, how many? What were they?

  8. Have any of your local citizens or businesses expressed concern in the last 12 months about any issue regarding natural gas safety?
  9. Overall, do you feel the natural gas industry has an adequate public safety awareness program?
  10. If yes, do you recall when?

  11. If not, in what areas are there deficiencies?

    (Check all that apply.)

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