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Natural Gas System Survey Questions for Excavators

  1. In the last 12 months, have you been contacted or received written information from [local pipeline company] regarding pipeline safety?
  2. If yes, What was the source of the information?

    Check all that apply.

  3. Have you received information from any other sources about pipeline safety?
  4. Have you contacted City of Portland or 811 in the past year to inquire about the location of pipelines?

    (City of Portland only locates utilities if a 811 ticket is created)

  5. How did you make the contact?
  6. How often would you say your company checks whether a pipeline exists before digging in a new spot?
  7. If not always: why not?
  8. How do you make sure that all the right people in the company get the information on who to call before digging? That is, how do you disseminate the information?
  9. How many of them probably have information on where to call before digging?
  10. Has your company ever unexpectedly encountered a pipeline while digging?
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