Fee Schedule

Building Fees
One and Two Family
ICC Valuation x .35%
Muti Family
ICC Valuation x 1%
ICC Valuation Table x 1%
ICC Valuation Table x .25%
Plan Review FeeResidential (One/Two Family)$0.03 per sq foot
Commercial/Industrial50% of permit fee
Demolition FeePermit Only$50.00
House Moving Fee
Jobsite Trailer
Outbuildings (Detached structures, Pole Barns, Sheds, Etc.Under 200 Sq FeetNo permit required
Above 200 Sq Feet$25.00 + 1% job cost
$25.00 + 1% job cost
Swimming Pool Above Ground$50.00
Swimming PoolIn Ground$100.00
Reinspection FeeResidential1st Inspect Free - $25.00 ea. after
Commercial1st Inspect Free - $50.00 ea. after
Industrial Inspection
$50.00 per inspection
Minimum Permit FeeResidential$50.00

Mechanical and Plumbing Fees
Plumbing/Mechanical Residential
$0.05 per sq foot
Plumbing/Mechanical Commercial
$0.10 per sq foot
Plumbing Plan Review (commercial/industrial)
50% of permit fee
Mechanical Plan Review (commercial/industrial) 
50% of permit fee
Minimum Permit Fee (per trade)Residential$50.00

Fire Protection Fees
Fire Protection Plan ReviewFire alarm, fire suppression, etc.50% of permit fee
Fire Protection Permit FeeFire alarm, fire suppression, etc.$50.00 + 1% job cost
Commercial Kitchen hood review and permit feePer Hood$150.00 per hood
Fire Warden or Crowd Manager TrainingWhere required by fire code officialCall for training fees

Administrative Fees
Property Maintenance Code Violation
$75.00 per violation (per day)
Technician FeePermit Processing$10.00
Certificate of Occupancy
Home OccupancyPermit and 1 inspection$25.00
Record Plat with Sumner County
Administrative fee for code enforcement
Fee to file and release liens

ICC Valuation Table (2021 International Building Code)
A-1 Assembly, theaters, with stage335.98324.58316.94304.93286.87278.00295.62266.02257.55
A-1 Assembly, theaters, without stage307.39296.08288.44276.42258.37249.50267.12237.51229.05
A-2 Assembly, nightclubs269.94261.93254.48245.85230.56223.99237.02209.57202.79
A-2 Assembly, restaurants, bars, banquet halls268.94260.93252.48244.85228.56222.99236.02207.57201.79
A-3 Assembly, churches311.88300.57292.93280.91263.30254.43271.60242.45233.98
A-3 Assembly, general, community halls, libraries, museums266.07254.76246.12235.10216.33208.46225.60195.47188.01
A-4 Assembly, arenas306.39265.08286.44275.42256.37248.50266.12235.51228.05
B Business260.69251.13241.86231.65210.99202.73222.56186.21177.81
E Educational273.46263.96255.62245.04228.69217.00236.61200.36193.94
F-1, Factory and Industrial, moderate hazard160.20152.78143.34137.64123.55117.41132.48102.4495.93
F-2, Factory and Industrial, low hazard159.20151.78143.341327.64123.55116.41131.48102.4494.93
H-1, High Hazard, explosives149.46142.04133.60127.90114.12106.97121.7493.00NP
H-234, High Hazard149.46142.04
H-5, HPM260.69251.13241.86231.65210.99202.73222.56186.21177.81
I-1, Institutional, supervised environment262.22252.95244.31235.67215.42209.47235.71193.82187.73
I-2, Institutional, hospitals434.15424.59415.32405.12383.35NP396.02358.57NP
I-2, Institutional, nursing homes302.01292.45283.18272.97253.83NP263.88229.05NP
I-2, Institutional, restrained295.86286.31277.03266.83247.95238.69257.74223.17212.77
I-4, Institutional, day care facilities262.22252.95244.31235.67215.42209.47235.71193.82187.73
M, Mercantile201.37193.36184.91177.28161.72156.15168.45140.73134.95
R-1, Residential, hotels264.67255.41246.77238.13218.35212.40238.17196.75190.67
R-2, Residential, multiple family221.32212.06203.42194.78175.96170.01194.82154.36148.28
R-3, Residential, 1 and 2 family d209.61203.74198.94195.12188.41181.45191.77175.86165.67
R-4, Residential, care/assisted living facilities262.22252.95244.31235.67215.42209.47235.71193.82187.73
S-1, Storage, moderate hazard148.46141.04131.60126.90112.12105.97120.7491.0084.50
S-2, Storage, low hazard147.46140.04131.60125.90112.12104.97119.7491.0083.50
U, Utility, miscellaneous114.09107.3799.8995.6085.1379.5490.9967.3964.19

a. Private Garages use Utility, miscellaneous
b. For Shell only buildings deduct 20%
c. NP = Not Permitted
d. Unfinished basements (Group R-3) = $23.20 per square foot.