Highway 109 Plans

The proposed project includes construction of a new segment of State Route 109 from the existing route, south of the City of Portland near State Route (SR) 76, bypassing the City of Portland and connecting back to State Route 109 north of the city in Sumner County.

The Portland Bypass will complement the other improvements that have been completed or are currently being planned and/or developed to improve safety and mobility along the entire State Route 109 corridor.

Purpose & Need

The Portland Bypass is a part of a larger effort to improve safety and mobility along the heavily traveled SR-109 corridor. SR-109 is a strategic corridor, serving as the primary north-south connector between Interstate 65 (I-65) in Robertson and Sumner Counties and Interstate 40 (I-40) in Wilson County, northeast of downtown Nashville.

The bypass is designed to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion on SR-109 through Portland, as well as providing regional accessibility to the interstate highway system. It would also address concerns with local growth and increased traffic, serving current and future transportation needs.


The Portland Bypass project includes the construction of a four-lane, partial access controlled facility extending west of downtown Portland from existing SR-109 south of SR-76, northward to existing SR-109 (North Broadway) north of downtown Portland. Each of the four traffic lanes would be 12 feet wide. Outside shoulders would be 12 feet wide (10-foot paved, 2-foot gravel) and inside shoulders would be 6 feet wide (4-foot paved, 2-foot gravel), as part of 48-foot grass median. The project length is 7.2 miles, and the right-of-way width is approximately 250 feet.

TN Department of Transportation Plans