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Posted on: January 15, 2024

Public Information for Water Distribution Department

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Public Information for Water Distribution Department


  • If experiencing low pressure in the residence before calling the Water Department check to see if low pressure is at all faucets in the house. 
  • If only at 1 faucet, then it is a localized issue. Clean the screen for the faucet. 
  • If low pressure throughout the entirety of the house, do you have a PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve). If have a PRV check to see if it operating/adjusted correctly. A PRV will fail over time. 
  • If do not have a PRV contact the Water Department. We will check pressure and GPM at the meter setter and then at the house. Once have findings will advise the customer if it is their issue or a city issue. 


  • The water pressure in the distribution system is the pressure. It is not something that can be adjusted. 
  • It is recommended if a residence continuously experiences high pressure to install a PRV. 


  • STARTING IN June of 2021 the Water department started replacing the older mechanical meters with ultrasonic meters. The ultrasonic meters are highly accurate. 
  • If the meter shows continuous usage for a 24-hour period a “Leak” code will appear on the display. 
  • If the meter shows “Burst” code it detects a high rate of continuous flow. 
  • If believe to have a leak check the meter first. If it shows a “Leak” or “Burst” code it is a customer issue. 
  • If the meter does not show a “Leak” or “Burst” code contact the Water Department to investigate the leak. 


  • Water Service will be reinstated only during the times listed Monday through Friday 8 am to 430 pm at a $30 Fee 
  • Monday through Friday 4:30 pm to 7 pm at a $90 Fee 
  • Saturday and Sunday (including Holidays) 8 am to 4:30 pm at a $125 fee. 

  • The after-hours employee does not accept payment for a bill. Your bill needs to be paid online. 
  • When calling after hours have your confirmation number. 


  • It is recommended that if temperatures will be below freezing for a period of time to have your cold-water faucet run. This will keep your pipes and meter from freezing. 

Please see document tagged above for diagramed images of each topic!

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