Natural Gas

The City of Portland Natural Gas department is responsible for maintaining 251 miles of underground piping and delivering gas to approximately 4,425 customers. The Portland Natural Gas Distribution System covers a large service area:

  • North to the KY/TN border
  • West into Robertson County
  • East just short of the city limits of Westmoreland
  • South just before the Highway 109 ridgeline

Tennessee One Call system is to be contacted before you dig. This is to prevent any damage or interruption of services. This includes homeowners, contractors, and excavators. Most people think gas smells like rotten eggs, but actually Natural Gas is odorless and colorless, therefore a chemical called "Captan" is added to assist in detecting leaks. Captan has the odor of rotten eggs. If you think you have a leak please use these precautions: Please report possible the leak, evacuate the area, and don't use matches, electrical switches, flashlights, or phones.

Gas BTU Form

Notification to New Gas Customers 9.19.23